Shared by Wolf on October 30, 2015

Brian Hicks: I spoke today about how the initial skill set for soft skills was functioning internally (albeit without UI elements allowing you to track said skills).

In the video above, we have accelerated the growth of the skillset that governs the amount of resources you gain from harvesting. (In this grim case – it happens to be a human body) The more a character performs an action that falls under this skillset, the higher yield the resources he gains from the attempt. In the accelerated video we have a character who very often skins and quarters bodies for meat, bone, and so on. As the character goes through each body, we accelerate the skill gain for the purposes of the video – but you see that with each action/attempt – the yield of meat is increased.
We want to kick off the character soft skills with base skills in the areas of: Medical, Resource Gathering, Repairing. Once we see how these operate, we can expand upon them further.

The little icing on the cake I like about the video is how Peter snuck a little treat in there that you can easily overlook.
As the character skins and quarters the body, his hands and forearms are covered in a bloody mess. The character -can- wash this off should they go to a body of water, or have some on him. Alternatively, he or she could just as easily choose to keep this appearance.