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LANGUAGE WARNING – Sometimes DayZ is intense.

Apologies for the voice over quality, I’m a brokeass student who can’t afford a condenser mic. Haha!

I’m also aware my YT profile isn’t very well set up yet, I will spend some time on this at some point soon. πŸ˜€

Hi YT and the DayZ Community, This is my first attempt at a real edited video. Fingers crossed it’s alright in the eyes of the community. Go easy on dudes! Haha

Intro Sample:
Fort Minor – Welcome
All credit for the song goes to Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) who wrote and produced the song. Fort Minor’s Album The Rising Tied has been out for a few years but is still one of the sickest albums ever.

Shout out to LP even if this video gets taken down, Keep your heads up and keep supporting each other. My heart goes out to any one who knew Chester and I wish our world could see that it’s okay to talk about not being okay.

Anyway, Enjoy this video dudes and fingers crossed I’ve scraped across the line for content quality, Much Love. Peace!

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