Shared by Herosper on July 11, 2017

This is an experiment to see how long i can survive on Skalisty Island in DayZ Standalone. A Second Chance – The Skalisty Island Experiment – Day 3 – DayZ – Gaming Junkie. I’ll be heading over with some essentials like apples, a rifle, a sharpened stick, backpack, sharpened stone etc. Once i get to the island i am allowed to use up all of the resources that the island provides like beans, rice, tuna, spaghetti and all other food and drink related items. I’m allowed to do the same with weapons and clothes too but once the server restarts i’m not allowed to pick up any more things. This is because i want this survival experiment experience to be as real as possible because, lets be honest, food and ammo don’t respawn in real life! I’m hoping to find a waterproof jacket to keep me from getting hypothermia but the island won’t be making me any promises!

I won’t be able to leave the island at all. I’ll either survive, thrive or die! I’ll have to use the islands natural resources to survive here. i’ll have to make an improvised fishing rod to help me catch fish and i’m hoping there are chickens on the island too! I know i’ll be ok for water because i know there’s a water pump on the island. Apart from that i’m completely on my own to survive what ever weather and surprises the island has to throw at me. I’m using high pop servers on hardcore to increase my chances of bumping into another player for a bit of PVP!

Well, here it goes! Are you ready to join me to see if we can make skalisty island our new home?





“Previously” Intro: Rob Dugan – Fall

DayZ Intro: Otis McDonald – (Look Out) She’s America

Day 3 Morning Music and Outro Music: Silent Partner – Grass