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‘A Not So Lonely World’ is an RP mini-series set in DayZ Standalone Chernarus. Each episode consists of the day to day struggles of surviving in this new unrecognisable world from a character named (Frederick Neville’s) perspective.

This series has a mixture of natural RP, however, it is a mini-series more focused on the player interaction side of RP in DayZ.

In this episode titled ‘The Sanctuary’ EP.2, ‘Fredrick Neville’ is feeling very sceptical about this so-called “Sanctuary” but still is determined to make his journey across chernarus to find a place he only just found out about via a lucky radio broadcast from a survivor named ‘Natascha Romanov’.

NEW EPISODE’s out every Thursday!

Watch all the episodes from the start in one official playlist:

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This series is filmed exclusively on the ‘RPRANGERZ’ DayZ Standalone RP server which is a loving community run server controlled strictly by the community who help shape it.

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