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‘A Not So Lonely World’ – JJ’s Welding Obsession EP.4 (DELETED SCENES)
Even when things get buggy RP is never broken.

Taken out of the video footage from EP.4!
I just had to make this into its own video I apologise to anyone expecting a new episode this week of the series the problem is I haven’t been able to get around to editing it but I will make the time to edit it real soon.

Reservoir Dogs Parody (kinda)
All things DayZ, the good, the bad and the buggy!

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“Little Green Bag”
Ronald Jonker’s Cover
YouTube –
Original by George Baker

Remix of Whitewoods – “Beachwalk”.
Remixed by zen.
YouTube -

REMAKE – Europe – The Final Countdown – Kazookeylele – Ukulele Cover – Pockets
YouTube –
Original Song By Europe

This series is filmed exclusively on the ‘RPRANGERZ’ DayZ Standalone RP server which is a server controlled strictly by the community who help shape it.

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