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Episode 6 of the series “A Lonely World” a DayZ Standalone RP Mini Series.
Robert Neville’s sanity is rapidly draining in this episode of a “A Lonely World” causing him to do unusual actions which could result in a life or death scenario in the apocalyptic wasteland of present day Chernarus.

Due to the server, I was filming on now closing on the 15th January 2017…
This will be the last episode of the series “A Lonely World”, however, the journey doesn’t end there I will be starting a new DayZ RP series soon! Which will be more focused on survivor encounters as well as some Natural RP of course! 🙂
I would just like to take the time to thank everyone for sticking around and supporting each episode of the series Love you all!

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BG Music courtesy of Joachim Henrich
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Joachim Henrich

Music at 2:37
Courtesy of Vanessa Narvaez & Daughter.
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Vanessa Narvaez’s cover of Daughter’s “Run”.
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