Shared by PhishyBongwaters on December 2, 2016

A tense standoff….


After wrecking a 2 man squad at VMC (shadowplay ate the video) I acquired a carbine and made my way to Zele, hearing shots in the distance the whole trip. Just as I approach the town I spot a player leaving, heading towards Tent City.

Once in Zele I hear more shots and they get closer and closer. I spot what I thought was a single player with a zombie train, it was in fact at least 2 players, I potato’d the shots but landed 1 and bunkered down in double green.

The standoff included at least 4 people. I killed the first one pretty quick but he did not look like he was one of the 2 man squad. The rest of the encounter lasted something like 10 minutes so the video is sped up in spots and edited. They kept circling the house trying to draw shots as they opened the door, trying to zerg me with zombies (I invented that shit).

While those two players refused to break and kept circling, a third was holding position somewhere behind the house aiming at the window with a sniper. When the military guy finally breaches and I fill him with SKS rounds on the stairs you can hear 1 shot at the end coming through that window.

Even if I survived (waited 7 minutes on “you are unconscious before I went to bed”) that fourth guy would have given me trouble as I had no SKS rounds left, most of my gear was damaged (he was shooting me in the backpack) and I was almost out of rounds for the FNX.

4v1 and I got 3 not too shabby.

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