Shared by Seyyoshi on April 21, 2014

Welcome to a very dramatic video! This was heavily inspired from the great DayZ videos such as DayZ my name is Kristof and The Diary of Isaac. I feel personally that DayZ needs more videos like those ones. I love those videos. Really great videos check those out, I mean it. Check em! I worked really hard on this one and I’m really hoping that this one might become my big hit! Second of all thanks for passing by ! I’m quite happy how it all went out, I feel there’s a lack of character devel. This how a lot of DayZ videos should be. People need to go up norht more so you can have these sweet intense battles! Been upgrading PC quite a bit, as well as that I will be starting gymnasium after the summer. I’ve been quite active on DayZtv recently I find the site really fun and entertaining. That’s just filled with DayZ an when I say “Just DayZ” I mean just DayZ. Nothing else. Now that summer is coming I will be recording constantly everyday and I am currently working on getting a twitch channel up that I will stream with at least once a week. It all depends how things go. Anyways MERCI BEACOUP for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like! Here is the music that was used in the video. These are beast man, check’ em!

I am legend Soundtrack

Video Geolocation