Shared by Savage on February 16, 2017

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EVGA Superclocked 970 ACX
Processor: intel i5 6600k (@ 4.0 GHz)
G skills Ripjaws 8 GB Ram
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Benq 24′ RL series Gaming monitor
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Blue Yeti (Silver)
Astro A40 Black

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    You’re clearly not the one who headshoted that guy, the bullet would have traveled way too fast and you’d had to aim even more above him to hit him at that distance. And the zombies are aggro’ing someone else. But as you’re too far to see where your bullet hit, you might think you hit him in the head.
    IMO what happened was very, very unlikely but… you know… DayZ things! 🙂

    • Profile photo of Savage

      believe me i’ve with held the footage for sometime because i myself didn’t really think it was me that hit the shot, however talking with wolf and trying to work out whom actually hit the guy from two perspectives, where wolf was aiming was more towards the torso, mine due to elevation should have landed right about the head. after checking the body and seeing the blood splatter come off his head we both felt as if he was hit twice and that i actually headshotted him. but the intro clip was in fact and 800m head shot and you can see that bullet travel time with the Winchester is greatly increased in patch 0.61 only takes about 3 – 3.5 seconds for the bullet to reach its target. I do understand the skepticism though.