Shared by Happybro on May 23, 2016

Apologies for the potato graphics in some sections, was trying to save time by using compressed versions of my older videos.


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    I don’t get the point of these videos if i’m honest mate. your just preaching how YOU play. so yeah cool if people wanna play like this fine, but it’s kinda lame IMO. You should learn from your experiences. Even if you ARE a new player, you should be going out and enjoying what DayZ is. not what someone dictates, it’s why i lost faith in the dayz community to many power hungry content creators not enough real gamers, or is that the industry on a whole? hmm.

    Cool vid over all (yes, i did watch it), if your looking for someone to hold your hand in an amazing game such as this. Jump on the band wagon amirite vigi? xD