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Some really cool encounters from my 24hour livestream! DayZ Standalone Gameplay on 0.61.

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Labisch – Passion from Argofox creative commons

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Kevin MacLeod:

Morning Mist by Brett Van Donsel:

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Ross Budgen:

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Check his Twitch page for costs and how to contact. The guy is amazing!

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    i swear if i had a dollar for every time a guy was acting “friendly” then shot me in the face…i would prolly have like 20 or 30$. But i was getting a sort of murdery vibe from the guy at first, but then i thought maybe they are cool, but then you got shot in the face by a shotgun. i can usually tell by their tone of voice they use. people have a tone when they want to act friendly but dont want to become attached, i donno if that makes sense or not