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Our very first devblog of the new mod for ArmA 3 we’re creating called 2017. In this devblog we go over the points of the mod we want to focus on and the progress we’ve made so far.

Re-Cap of 2013
-Ported ArmA2 Content as Place-Holders and have begun Re-texturing work on infected and survivors to make them more unique.
-500 basic variations of infected.
-Customise Clothing.
-Re-design the sound for the environment.
-Got core values working like hunger, thirst, health etc.
-Unique loot mechanic.
-Unique third-person perspective which players cannot exploit over first-person users.
-Begun work on making the mod playable out in the ocean’s.

Plans for 2014
-Making core survival values realistic.
-Implement more art assets (Models, textures etc).
-Add RPG elements for natural character progression.
-Fortify Buildings.
-Adding unique ‘events’ in Multi-player.
-Adding offline Single-player and Co-Op missions.
-Achieving close to a lag-free experience.
-Releasing a closed-alpha in Q1 of 2014, open-beta in Q2 and release in Q3.

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