Shared by Weyland-Yutani on September 29, 2014

Location: Parts Unknown
Coordinates: N/A
Build: Stable Branches 0.45 + 0.48 + 0.49

A little more than a month ago I was playing DayZ with our research team. When trying to get into a server, another colonist and I got this 200 player developer menu.

In this episode of Inside DayZ Standalone I will cover the contents of the dev menu to the best of my ability. We will completely cover Test Map 3 as well as the Sample Rahmadi Map.

Despite developers saying they haven’t updated the Prison, our research shows that they have in fact updated the Prison model as indicated at 1:41 of the video.

The Sample Rahmadi Map changes with every build. The version in this film is from 0.49. The changes are mostly around the football field as well as where Rify is located.

Thanks for watching!