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Watch full 8mn of Dayz Standalone Gameplay video

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Rocket on rags

Blocking animation present but not working (yet)

Rocket on “Sunstrike”

Team considering releasing Linux client/server builds

Bug where zombies pass through walls (does not affect release) (Image courtesty of /u/photodiode)

Rocket on new melee system

Bug affecting performance target possibly fixed

Weapons confirmed for initial Alpha release

Chainsaws require fuel

Walkie-talkies confirmed for initial Alpha release

DayZ Standalone rain effects imported from Carrier Command

Video comparison of old rain vs. new rain (courtesy of Buttwind)

Player connect/disconnect messages toggleable by server admins

There will be no kill messages in chat

Silva orienteering compass in the works

Renders of the new binoculars/pipewrench (original post)

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