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    It’s obviously hacked/duped gear.. You should be getting rid of the gear, throwing it in the water.. something. Just make all that crap not usable. I don’t ever use and/or wear gear from hackers. Might as well just start hacking and duping yourself if you are going to take advantage of another hackers exploits..

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      Many people have the same beliefs as you and I can respect that. However I think very differently. You point out that I should be getting rid of it, I don’t think I should be. My friend (Teddy) Found it fair in square. Finders Keepers. Secondly, you know how long it wouldve taken to destroy all that gear? The military tents were glitched and you couldn’t pack up any of them. And thirdly, you mention I should just hack and dupe myself? I don’t think so. The difference between dupers and me is that dupers constantly dupe stuff for gear, I don’t. I find dupers bases and take their stuff (Which doesn’t happen very often) so its not like I have infinite resources like this base at my disposal 24/7 like dupers/hackers do. It’s very rare I get an opportunity like this and I’m going to take it.

      Sorry if this seems like an attack, I’m just defending my beliefs. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.

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    Pfff Server public raid and hacked gear or duplicated

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    with all the free hacks put out over the last 3 weeks i stopped playing . its no fun when a hacker now can kill every one on the map no matter how fare away they are then came back in there body with all there loot like they where never shot at all

  • haha we own the tents lol I turned them off and I change the server and put the tents back on. hope you enjoyed the gear your never get it again lol