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Hey fellow survivors, my name is Matt and welcome to the DayZ Weekly Recap, a show where I talk about all of the latest news and information that was released about DayZ over the past week.

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This episode will cover everything that happend from September 21st to the 27th, which once again isn’t a whole lot, as Rocket has gone dark for DayZ updates. Nonetheless here’s what we now know about the Standalone this week:

Standalone News (#DAYZDAILY)

First off, before I get into any news, I told you guys last week that the team held a sprint planning session. Well what this actually means is the team set out a plan for what will be accomplished in the next couple of weeks. They weren’t literally planning anything for ingame sprinting, so sorry about the confusion!

Anyways, DayZ Devteam member Hicks_206 has recently started tweeting some #DayZDaily updates of his own, and on Wednesday he stated that the team has recently undergone a lot of meetings, sprint planning sessions and process refining.

On Thursday Ivan posted a new screenshot of one of the many revamped Chernarus villages. Can you guess which one it is? Times up it’s the town of Polana, and Ivan has also said that he will post a comparison screenshot of the two villages on Monday.

The next day Hicks posted another image of… something. I honestly have no idea what it is but it looks rather ominous.

And finally, today Rocket acknowledged the lack of new #DayZDaily updates, and stated that he is simply taking a break from everything to focus all of his mental-juices on the Standalone for the final lap, whatever that means.


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