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Hey fellow survivors, my name is Matt, and welcome to the DayZ Weekly Recap #13, for the week of August 31st to September 6th, 2013.

During this show I talk about all of the latest news and information that was released about DayZ over the past week. Normally, I begin by reviewing some news from #DayZDaily, but this time we’re gonna start by taking a look the latest DayZ Devblog, which came out just yesterday.

September Dayz Standalone Devblog

dayz-standalone-september-01 dayz-standalone-september-02 dayz-standalone-september-03
  • Improvements to the inventory system
  • Item degradation
  • A few new items
  • Other mechanics such as player restraints
  • Discussion about the new zombie AI
  • Current state of the multiplayer network bubble


Based on player feedback from Gamescom, you can now swap around items in your inventory by dragging and dropping them on top of each other. Buttstocks and ACOG scopes now take up two inventory slots instead of one, and you can drag and drop articles of clothing that are in your vicinity directly onto your character to equip them.

Dean also demonstrates a new type of container called a Protector Case which, much like the First Aid Kit, takes up four inventory slots and contains six. He also plans to allow players to open containers in their hands and view their contents from a first-person perspective.

The animators are now working on transition animations for when the player changes their posture, and Rocket aims to find a balance between usability and authenticity in regards to player movement. In addition, Dean plans to make the 3rd-person camera zoom-in close to the player’s shoulder whenever they enter crouch or prone.

Degradation System

dayz-standalone-september-04 dayz-standalone-september-05 dayz-standalone-september-09

Dean also spends a lot of time demonstrating the new item degradation system, first by showing the three stages of degradation for hiking boots. Here we can see the pair of boots in three different states: the one in the middle is in excellent condition, the one to the right is in very poor condition, and the pair on the left is destroyed. Damaged items will have a significant impact on how the player functions. For instance, damaged footwear will slowly cause the player to suffer foot injuries.

All articles of clothing and the items they contain will be damaged depending on where the player is injured. For example, if your character is shot in the chest without a protective vest, your top or jacket will degrade, along with any items that are inside. Rocket believes that this, along with the rarity of ammo, will significantly alter the “Kill-on-Sight” mentality of the game. Ballistic vests and Kevlar helmets that are in excellent condition will completely absorb one round of projectile damage, and will only absorb some damage after subsequent rounds, as the item begins to degrade until it is destroyed.

Finally, Dean shows off the new animation for players who are struggling out of restraints, and demonstrates opening cans of food with bayonets and hunting knives.

Aaaand slow motion rats, go! (They’re so beautiful)


dayz-standalone-september-handcuff-06 dayz-standalone-september-handcuff-07 dayz-standalone-september-handcuff-08

That’s pretty all there is for the Devblog, now let’s move on to some news from #DayZDaily.

Despite being busy during PAX Prime, Rocket continued to make changes to the Alpha based on player feedback from Gamescom, and has since worked on item swapping within the inventory screen and on DayZ singleplayer.

On Thursday Dean worked even more on swapping items, the multiplayer network bubble, redevelopment of zombie AI and ran another multiplayer test.

He also worked on the player melee system and welcomed some new programmers to the dev team.

Other News

dayz-standalone-september-11 dayz-standalone-september-12

In other news, Rocket commented on Reddit that the team will be funding and hosting their own DayZ launch servers, to give the community a chance to try the Standalone for themselves before hosting their own servers. The servers will be geographically dispersed and will stay online until the community begins to take over server hosting.

The server files will be publicly available upon launch, and are apparently easier to setup than the original DayZ Mod servers. However, DayZ itself will no longer use Gamespy for multiplayer, meaning server hosters will have to setup their firewall and NAT negotiation manually.

Sadly, DayZ was not shown during PAX Prime, however Dean spoke at a number of different panels throughout the event. He was on stage at The Benefits of Players Writing Their Own Stories panel, the All You Zombies panel, and at the PC Gaming World Congress, which you can watch by following the link in the description.

Containers absorb damage prior to damaging the items within them, and those rats that you saw in the Devblog? Yeah. You can eat them. So… that’s a thing.


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Watch the September 2013 Devblog





Bohemia Interactive will fund DayZ launch servers

Dean Hall at The PC Gaming World Congress at PAX Prime

“[C]ontainers can absorb damage prior to damaging the items within them.”

You can catch and eat in-game rats (gross)


  • Great work I must say. I think you should add a few little thing like:
    .A reaching animation if you grabbing something from lets say a cabinet,
    .A little bit of world destruction like smashing down a door or collapsing a wall.
    .Moving/kicking thing as you walk past them( maybe tripping in the process, moving objects like chairs out of the to retrieve and item or to make a barricade.
    . A slingshot to distract zombies and potentially people.
    .Pick up rocks for ammunition for the sling shot and various other things.
    .Collection of bullet casings for crafting stuff.
    .Loot like gunpowder to make bombs( would most likely find in farms).
    .Air horns and sirens or just loud thing to draw in zombies.
    .Crafting of melee weapons out of nails, bats and pretty much anything you cant find.( world destruction would enable you to get wood from house walls ect).
    .Making clothing and bags out of scraps and/or animals.
    .Digging through piles of rubble to find things,.
    .Npc’s to interact with weather that means they follow you, protect you, trade with you, attack you, or just ignore you.
    .Eating dead body’s (preferably humans in which you have killed).
    . Scent so if you smell you could attract zombies and cover you’re scent to avoid zombies, make shift traps for players, zombies and animals like rabbits ect.
    . Seasons for different weather.
    .Random attributes like faster running, longer running things like that( if you die you could get an attribute).
    .Radio to talk to other players and/or to listen in on other conversation to find out where they are.
    .Electricity for cars, radios ect.
    . Climbing terrain to get away, hiding in cabinets or car wrecks and playing dead to get away from players or zombies.
    .Stats like fitness or strength that can be changed depending on how much you eat, drink, sleep, run ect.
    .Wutting down of trees to make barricades or signal fires.
    . Writing notes on walls or paper for players to find.
    .Adding bits of clothing to original to add more pockets or to give camo and modifications to other pieces of equipment.
    I hope I contributed with some good ideas and I hope some of them are added.