Shared by Happy on April 25, 2018

Showcasing the new NWAF and Bashnya Military base!
“Press READ more for 0.63 And Music!”

Credits for music: DasUngesagte

Music used:

I recommend that you make a new folder and make a separate copy of DayZ from steam.
DayZ 0.63 Offline client:!L4MSDDAT!fq3OGrCQPl7VuGv9N9Gt44gzhgB7qila8sBylmJvhHQ

How to Use: Download scripts.pbo, Copy into DTA Folder, run DayZ.x64.exe

Remember that you have to have the new stress test build to get this working!

Right click on DayZ, Click on Properties, Beta tab and use beta code “ireallywanttotest” Press “close” and it should now download 0.63 Stress Test Version!

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