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    Those icons indicating gain and loss of status REALLY make me sad.

  • i think that players should not limp if the legs didn’t took the damage

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    Why the hell is player running like a mindless zombie?
    I`m sorry, but so many lost interest for this game that no matter what they bring to the game now, doesn`t matter for us.
    Dev team took our money and spend it on God knows what, but not on and for this game. 4 years in Alfa, maybe another 3 in Beta, it`s outrageous. The game seems far from finish, gun sway is a problem from day 1 and not even now is removed from game. PUBG is simple, not so nice graphics but it`s working and people prefer that, Escape from Tarkov allready hit the Beta stage and it`s far more good at combat and `till DayZ is finished, some other 3, 4 games will come out and will be better then this. Too bad, DayZ lost the train.

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      lol pubg is a simple mind version of Dayz !!! arcade vs simulation……Tarkov map is so tiny there is no comparison possible !!
      dayz is a realistic survival game on a gigantic map … no other actual game can reach his level

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      Mindless zombie – actually I thought the same thing at first – then remembered, you will now limp etc based on damage, but on a plus side .. the demo streamed on twitch earlier .. show no longer run slow up hills.. and 4yrs in development is nothing in the world of game dev, yes they admitted mistakes were made, it should have not came out in 2013 .alpha should have been started 2 yrs ago .. Tarkov started dev 2012 ., PUBG started on bohemia dayz mod .. has made several variations of it last was h1z1 .. so technically has been in dev longer than dayz lol .. and they didn’t build the engine for PUBG 🙂 of course Im not a fan of all of the game play in dayz .. I too would love to see it further along .. and I have played mostly arma 3 until 59 then started playing dayz more .. I love the game, no other game comes close .. even as much as I like a3 dayz still is better in so many ways . didn’t take my money either .. I paid around 25 bucks in 2013 .. I have 1000 hrs in game .. Ive more than received my money’s worth .. you can watch a movie in theater and buy popcorn and drinks and pay as much or more for 2hrs of entertainment ..Im still a fan of dayz .. and bohemia in general .. my wife says dayz and a3 are my mistress