Video Geolocation


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    Share your toys omfg.. Damn kids

  • When you have that many “zombies” they should be a one hit kill. Maybe they are with headshots. And there can/could be visually stronger and bigger infected that take more shots. However the great mass of them has to be cannon fodder.

    I watch this video and think again how the devs manage to strip the fun from the game by balancing it weirdly. Neither the medical system (revive after screaming/being eaten), nor the whole infected actions are anywhere near as enjoyable as in the stone-old mods. You can just look at old Dayz vids, devs, to figure out what made the game fun and better than even the current standalone.

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      Game is WIP and Devs very well know what they are doing. The simple fact you say Mod zombies are better just prove how clueless you actually are.

      I’m sorry but SA is still alpha and already miles away from it. Just tell what did you prefer in DayZ Mod zombies? Zig-zag? soldier animations (run, crawl)? No ragdoll? Walking in-doors? Please…