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Hope you guys enjoyed another DayZ Standalone .61 video here. This time showing off the new zombie hordes!


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    i got around 8 hour footage of my zombie collect experience on good old 59 where I ran all over a 12 hour map to collect a massive amount of zombies. I lost count and ended with more than 280 zombies. It turned into disaster as that many AI in Cherno lagged out a lot and they had to be put down. what i did not know then was that when they re spawn they spawn close to where they died. so me and a few mates ended up killing maybe more than 800 zombies as an effect of their re spawning. i am thinking of editing it in a nice down to clips and uploading it so it can be witnessed. most people i speak to kinda do not believe it was achievable, but i did it. yes i did use duping as a method to gather ammunition to do this as it takes a lot to help one achieve that goal. you need stashes on your pre planned routes with food, water and extra ammo as well as cleaning kits. any sound triggered them so it was not to difficult to lure them

    you did something amazing here and i want to redo this goal again, my only worry is that the infected still have this invisible barrier blocking them from leaving towns as in 60. elektro was blocking the zombies from exiting just a few 100m’s away from the fire station towards cherno which upset me a little. 59 cherno had a small yard you could also lure them into and close the gate to keep them locked up and now they just jump fence. there are however some pretty big sheds and barns in the industrial areas.

    nice video man, nice

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    I would really like them to get stuck on a really high fence and kill them through it one by one. Walking Dead style

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    Did they add zombie sounds? never heard those sounds before