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I will take a few minutes to discuss the recent changes to Energy depletion in the recent 0.61 patches and how you can be best prepared to meet the challenge and survive easily.

DayZ is going through some severe changes, one of which is the PVE progressions. We may be coming to a time where DayZ is no longer called a Running Simulator but a Survival Simulator.

A lot of people will hate the change, but you all knew it was coming. Time to sharpen those fishing hooks and skinning knives…meat may be back on the menu as a necessity instead of a luxury.


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    Is it now a survival simulator? Not quite. I think it’s future is fully intended to be so but at the moment, no. It has the pieces in place and can certainly be played like a survival game if that’s how you want to play it but the large majority of players are here for pvp. Playing it as a survival game using hunting and farming is not easy to say the least considering that you are likely to be killed on sight by someone. As DayZ eventually inches closer to full release the survival side of game will be more widely accepted by the community. For me, cooking and hunting and the like will be a thousand times more useful once you and your friends are able to establish a base using barricades or base building and when the world is more fleshed out. Once we are able to actually create food stores this aspect of the game will undoubtedly be the way to play. All character traits are under constant modification, during one patch health and energy may have certain values but another patch will change those values. I’ll wait until development is further along before I head down the road of long term survival tactics. For now, it’s just fun to pvp and RP.

  • They must implement base building if they want to make this change…

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    the map will start to feel a lot bigger than it already is, and players might start to create colonies out of necessity 🙂

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    the time on the severs are Xfaster so in the game 3 hrs is really alot more and if you add how much you eat or how many times you eat in a day then speed that up over day and night being lets say 4 hrs long then you would need to eat every 30 mins in game time.. keep in mind to this map is 85s miles so in the 45 mins its takes you to run from one side to the other you have did 25 miles . when you speed every thing up and what we see in the game every thing is just about right … yes i use the apples after trying to play the game right but after a few bugs killed me out of no where .. well i am sure you get it

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      Server day/night speed isnt connected to your energy depletion rates. The unrealism of how much food we eat is often discussed. Its an interesting topic but when it comes down to it its simply a mechanism to make you do things to survive. In reality we could do without food for days and days but that would make a dull survival game

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    if u want to talk about simulating then talk with facts any of u did in the army??? i guess not so i have to tell u someone can easy travel 30 km on foot with only a good meal and will still have energy left. water is more important to stay hydrated but not in big amounts just a swig now and then so why does the character in game has to eat 3 times from electro to tisy??? make a stamina bar that makes sence like when its depleted u will need to really rest like 15 mins to get a part of it back so everybody stops joging and they will start walking i allways walk ingame it feels better + u can aim propperly lets keep joging and sprinting for the real danger 🙂 sorry for my english

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    I agree with you, maybe also the concentration of survivors will increase around the wilderness and vilages and decrease a bit on miliary locations

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    Too bad if they lean more to the snowflake crowd than the kos crowd. I really enjoyed hunting humans and killing them. The game will turn into a farmville-sque safe space for the sheeple.
    Let us have a version that caters to the kos crowd then. Sheeple to the left, with bark and nails and arrows. Killers to the right, with bloodlust and testosterone and mayhem. If I catch your daisy ass with some peppers I’m gonna shove them up your ass and feast on your freshly killed well seasoned carcass.
    Best of both worlds.

    Love ya