Shared by Happybro on November 3, 2016

This is the footage from exp test that happened yesterday. I played on server with 250+ ping so keep that in mind. I saw that most of the people liked the new dynamic lighting so I tried to shoot in some different locations, areas. Also I’ll add some time stamps since this video is close to 30 min as well.

1:18 – 1:50 Loot from a few zombies inside in a balota airfield.
2:48 – 3:58 Shooting some pistols with and without silencer.
4:05 – 5:16 Action at Komarovo police station.
5:18 – 20:34 Looting, shooting at Pavlovo mil base.
24:04 – 25:26 Camp fire with the new dynamic lighting.
25:48 – 26:01 Head some sick sounds in the distance.
26:19 – 27:51 Getting scared by some random sound and an end of the vid.

I’m live at whenever there is an expermental patch.

Video Geolocation