Shared by Stakks on August 23, 2016

Hope you all enjoyed this video! This was my second kill montage and in two of the clips there were freshspawns and I put them in the video because they were posing a threat to me by trying to punch me out. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed and like always, More DayZ Videos to Come!

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    Great kills, nice work. I did the same before but do not get views, however I see now one has surpassed 750 views. I just add music to make it a music video of sorts. With your footage you would make great ass videos. Just click on my name and look at Bad moon rising, it’s my very first video I made, but I stopped making Kill montages after the 2nd video as I got slaughtered and was told its just show off, but its not. Your skill was great and it’s damn fun to see fast pased DayZ action. Hope you keep it up. I subscribed.