Shared by Bombsquad on November 1, 2016

Taking in Chernarus

In the real world I have shot timelapse footage commercially and while I recover from surgery I’m playing DayZ. I can’t stop looking at this world and what a good job Bohemia Interactive have done so far. After playing 0.61 for a few hours I wanted to record some of 0.60 in the best way I knew how to see how things will change as BI take things forward.

I learnt a few things along the way. The clouds in Chernarus behave in a strange way sometimes, I wish they didn’t jump around so much. I would love to have a God mode to make shooting this easier, I’ve spent about a week shooting this and just like shooting timelapse in real life, things go wrong, the weather is fickle and it’s hard chasing the sun. Also unlike real life… zombies, but I guess I can live with that. I think the survival aspect has made shooting this more fun. There were many times people tried to shoot me, sometimes I talked them round. A lot of times I just got shot and had to start all over again. I often had to clear the zone of zombies too. Yeah, shooting this was hard.

I think it’s important to mention that I couldn’t have made this without two servers that put immersion first with a minimal HUD.  DayzUnderground and Spaggie. I’ve noticed the new footage in the showcase recently has the status box in the top left of the screen. I’ve also noticed in my own playtest of 0.61 I could not get rid if the onscreen display. I think immersion is important to Bohemia Interactive regarding DayZ and I really want to point out that minimal HUD servers really do work when we are talking about ‘immersion’. Let us remove all on screen displays by personal choice if you can. I would be able to shoot even better timelapse footage if this was possible. (I know it’s not all that important right now though) Someone on the DayZ forum mentioned looking up too. Right now looking up is quite restricted. Can this be improved? I hope so. 

I died a lot making this over the last week but I can’t wait for 0.61 where I can do it all again and show off all the new areas and beautiful vistas of Chernarus! Thanks for making such a beautiful world, your constant improvements make me want to explore even more! 🙂