Shared by AstrosLegacy on December 6, 2015

0.59 Experimental DayZ Standalone Gameplay – Here’s some more of my best short clips from the past couple of weeks in DayZ…That can’t be put into a longer video but deserve to be mashed up into a montage of clips, hope you enjoy 😀

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Intro: RavenProDesign

Music by EpidemicSound –
Outro Song – Dubby Steps 10 – Niklas Gustavsson
A Mysterious Lady – Håkan Eriksson
Fly Baby Fly 2 – Peter Sandberg
Mangled Sector 2 – Johannes Bornlöf
Moscow Rendezvous – Rannar Sillard
Record Scratch 7 – SFX Producer
The Alcatraz Score 4 – Jon Björk
Weapons Of Impact 5 – Johannes Bornlöf

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