Shared by Wolverine 60fps on April 3, 2015

0.55 Patch is it good?
I’m enjoying it but its hard here’s my advice on this patch stay safe survivors.

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    Glad to hear a nice comment about this new patch at last, i totally agree when you say that this was meant to be, it’s a survival game, remember. 0.55 put in DayZ where it should be.

  • It’s very challenging now, which I like, but when you’re a fresh spawn, its going to be almost impossible unless you get help from other players.

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    I kind of like how they are moving away from cans and dried food everywhere and you have to make it yourself.
    The only problem i have with it is that there is no way im gonna find a garden hoe, seeds, and a water bottle, (and maybe fertilizer) in time to prevent me from starvation when everything is picked clean in the spawn-areas.
    Also, if you happen to find everything, in no way do you find enough seeds to get energized and hydrated or get back to full health if you took some beating from a zombie. Which you most likely did when trying to find the first stuff. 🙂

    I think its a step in the right direction, but they really need to tweak alot as well 🙂

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    Not really a fun game to play now with friends love walking around killing zombies but now we die now food zombies are so hard feels like the game is going down hill I know it’s not. Thanks for the post though looks great heard of zombies haha