Shared by MrBlueandQueenie on March 10, 2015

Fix for a known bug with high populated servers (mostly vilayer servers). Lets make everything ‘well-ish’ again! 🙂

Hello guys Mr.Blue here with a helpful suggestion to you DayZ high populated server players.

In DayZ’s 0.53 patch players on high cap servers found themselves unable to craft and apply splints, saline bags, bandage, use the drink all button etc etc. Then the F11, suicide glitch was found and all was well-ish but the DayZ stable 0.54 patch was recent released and players have discovered that the bug still exists, worst thing is that the F11, suicide glitch has been turned off.

Its really causes us trouble. Last night we had 3 saline kits and 3 players and we were all unable to craft and apply a saline bag to one another on different high cap 50pop servers.

But one of the guys have discovered that tapping the Z, prone key whilst trying to craft and apply items to you and your friends works first time everytime! Z is the magic key guys. So if your have trouble applying items to your friends, crafting or picking up items in those bugged out buildings. Tap that Z, prone button!

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