Shared by DayzTVBOT on December 18, 2014

This is the DayZ SA 0.52 Update Showcase, showing the first Exp. Release of 0.52 and what’s new! If you enjoy these videos and would like to see more show your support by hitting LIKE!! For more livestreams follow – Twitter:
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This list contains most of the things we cover in this video:

Love, Suicide Animation

Christmas Tress in cities like Elektro

Prison Uniform

Paramedic outfit (green)


New Flare

Hunting Knife, Sword new PU, Chainsaw, Hockey Stick

V3S Updated Interior

Suppressors both found at Christmas Tree. US NATO Suppressor works with 5.56

East Suppressor works with AK’s like the AK74U

New flare and Chainsaw

and more that was covered in the video

Music / FX in the video are from Epidimic Sound with Licencing through BBTV.

Thanks for watching everyone!