Shared by Weyland-Yutani on December 23, 2014

Location: Northern Chernarus
Coordinates: 066 008 + 070 007
Build: 0.52 Stable Branch

In this episode of Inside DayZ Standalone our research team will take you on a virtually guided tour of Kamensk and the newly reworked Mine.

In our opinion, the Mine is still WIP as the bunker models are from the Mod. We believe these models are placeholder for something bigger and more detailed. I’m taking a guess that the finished product will go deep underground.

Kamensk (Russian: Ка́менск) in the real world is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia. One of which is the Kamensk Crater. It is 25 km (16 mi) in diameter and the age is estimated to be 49.0 ± 0.2 million years old (Eocene). The crater is not exposed at the surface.[1] It may have formed at the same time as the smaller nearby crater Gusev.


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