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We look at the first iteration of growing tomato plants in DayZ Standalone and have a look at the mechanics behind this feature.

Step by Step Horticulture Guide

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need 4 things to begin tomato harvesting

1) A shovel or hoe
2) A bag of lime
3) Tomato seeds
4) A greenhouse

EDIT: Apparently you can plant tomatoes without lime. Lime is not necessary, but it is a huge accelerant that cuts the growth time nearly in half. As such, I would still recommend taking a few minutes to look around for lime – it seems very easy to find currently.

These are the greenhouses in which you can plant tomatoes. Currently, you cannot plant tomatoes anywhere else.

Step 2: Dig

Use your shovel or hoe to dig out the greenhouse. Looking at the dirt should give you the digging option.

There will be 8 slots you can dig out. For this first preliminary test I only used 4 slots.

Step 3: Fertilize

Use your bag of lime to fertilize the slots.

Notice that there is a visual difference between a dug slot that has been fertilized, and dug slot that has not been fertilized. In this picture the 2 slots to the left have been fertilized, and the slot to the far right has not.

For those curious, fertilizing uses 5% of the bag of lime each time.

Step 4: Plant

Put the tomato seeds in your hands, and look at the ground inside the greenhouse. A option should pop up allowing you to plant the seeds

When you plant a seed, a long wooden stake magically appears along with it. Here I have 3 of the 4 slots planted, and 1 unplanted.

Here is the 4th slot planted

Step 5: Wait

After digging, fertilizing, and planting – all that’s left is to wait!

Stages of Growth: Stage 1

As far as I can tell, there are 4 stages of tomato plant growth. This is the 1st stage, where it begins to take hold.

Stages of Growth: Stage 2

Here you can see the plant in the corner has reached stage 2, while the ones around it are still in stage 1.

Stages of Growth: Stage 3

Here 2 of the plants have reached stage 3 of the plant growth, while 2 remain in stage 2.

At this point all of the plants have reached stage 3 – almost ready to harvest!

Stages of Growth: Stage 4

At this stage, ripe plump tomatoes begin appearing on the vines. Here 2 of the 4 plants are in stage 4 – ready to be harvested.

Step 6: Harvest

Once the tomatoes are plainly visible, an option should appear to let you harvest them.

Harvesting removes the plant and the stake entirely.

Harvesting gave me 13 tomatoes every plant I harvested. It filled what empty slots I had in my inventory, and left the rest of the tomatoes in a pile at my feet.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Considering how food may become more scarce in future updates, I can certainly see farming being a viable food source.

Not counting gathering the supplies (which took <5 minutes) this entire process of digging, fertilizing, planting, growing, and harvesting took roughly 10+ minutes.The exact time for the plant to grow to harvestable state was 8:12 when I timed it. Every stage of growth took just over 2 minutes to complete.I noticed that the times I got were slightly different than the times Agathor got in his Wobo video. I timed mine exactly with a stopwatch, and I'm assuming he did something similar. This suggests there might be variables that influence - in small ways - how long the plant takes to grow. This is yet to be confirmed, it's simply a hunch because of the time differences between his tests vs my tests.As an extra note, many people (myself included initially) have been concerned about how unrealistic growth time is, and have expressed a desire to have much much longer growth times. While I 100% agree with that, and I would like to see a more realistic farming method in the future once everything is ironed out, I do have a plausible explanation for why it takes so little time. Considering it's on Exp right now, which is meant for no other purpose than to test features, my guess is that they made it so short simply because they wanted people to test it as much as possible as fast as possible. I do not expect in any way this to be near the time that it will take to grow tomatoes in the future - it just takes this amount of time now because they want to test it.

Also, if the plants are left for a while (Exact time unknown) they will turn rotten, and give 13 rotten tomatoes when harvested.