Shared by CommanderPixel on August 31, 2014

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Loading Screens and Building Models Courtesy of @DayZLeaks


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    Are these constant leaks really leaks or are they just updates? Cool airport either way.

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    Needs planes and furniture…actually this game still needs alot

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    mmm so only one military airfield? More realistic but less funny… we’ll see 😀

    • Either 1 September, or 3 September.

      • funny u say that cause you posted that on September second….
        and yea they were sopose to update it on the 3rd which doesnt seem like they did after the maintenance… idk whats going on with the development team lately… my guess is they still got shit to work out with persistence & loot drop.

        @ontopic i think its a stupid idea to demilitarize north east airbase this soon. they shouldnt of changed it a few months back either not until they get god damn vehicles or at the very least bikes into the game. i know this is alpha and its ment for players to test but your seriously torturing your current player base by breaking it down to 2 decitions ONLY because of how players ONLY spawn on the east side of the map.

        A) spend a shit ton of your time traveling by foot to west side to where u can actually find some usefull combat arms to defend yourself to where there are several choices of military bases and airbases (still though its a good hour to two hour run sometimes, and the off chance your just gonna meet someone already looting/looted the place and will shoot you on site with thier newly found gear). and dont forget either if you decide to stay and wait for others to show up to kill (which u will have a chance at dieing and then you have to start all the way back on east side of the map again) or travel back to east with your new gear, your still gonna spend more hours traveling wasting your precious gaming hours.

        B) stay on the east side (more than likely balota) to where EVERYONE is kill on site mentality (unless they are unarmed. which is quite a bit cause 80% of the server population are there scrounging for items leaving nothing for you to even find). you will honestly feel like one of those street muts digging through trash after someone else went through that garbage bin already in doing this.