Shared by Happybro on July 6, 2014

Hi, my name is twig. And welcome to dayz.

Here are some duping Kids who were on an experimental server last night with duped mp5k’s and more.

Video Geolocation


  • DayZ is always anonymous and never burdens players with responsibility. It will never change. Players must accept help only in critical situation, so as we see here with morphine. You should always treat any player around as a possible murderer kill-on-site-er. You must run away in any case and save yourself and don’t waste time UNLESS the players are deanonymised so that you can influence their repurtation or you know them personally.

    Since DayZ is fully anonymous – you must run or play with friends.

    P.s. The solution to the anonymity problem is on the surface, any examples of other games around (WoW, EVE etc.) and you can read my concept here

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      Thats a pretty in depth concept you got there.
      But still, in DayZ you can still find friends, you say play with friends and the only friends I play DayZ are the ones I randomly have found within the world. If you run away of every situation you will never meet anyone in game. Yes you always have to keep on your toes, but unless you don’t want to risk your gear or its someone obviously very hostile I don’t run just for no reason.
      I’ve also met people who just run away after for no reason after just running together for a bit, its just kinda weird, but understandable at the same time.

      Anyways, you can treat everyone as a KOSer, but don’t expect to make many friends like that.

  • I’m pretty sure that those are the same three chinese guys I met in exp. a few days ago. to me they were really nice, wanted to take a picture and gave me some items.

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    ye takes all kinds, some police those people are….wasting a fresh spawns 5 min only to get killed in a most douchebag way.