Shared by Happybro on June 21, 2014

Footage taken from June 20th experimental patch thrown into an ArmA 3 mod folder. Sorry for the water line across the middle of the screen, some bug with porting the PBOs.

The patch was retracted and clients were set to stable shortly after the patch was put out. No Experimental servers were up but Experimental clients could join Stable servers causing issues.

I did narrate the video but didn’t have my mic properly set up with dxtory.

What you may miss is the fact that the NEAF is now either larger or closer to the main road while Krasnostav seems to be on a higher elevation now or the NEAF is lower it’s hard to tell.

The new apartments west of Novodmitriovsk could be Smirnovo mentioned on the sign outside Svetlojarsk. Mostly because it being only roughly .5km from what was first put down as Novodimitriovsk.