Izzi DayZ izzi life :D

Santsa 4 years ago

Izzi DayZ izzi life :D Dat escalated quickly :D both stuck there xD

Asd :D

PotatoTuning! 4 years ago

Asd :D DayZ fun xD

Teddy… You have been arrested!

Santsa 3 years ago

Teddy… You have been arrested! Drunk driving isn't safe anymore.. Even in Chernarus..

Rare sword found!

Santsa 4 years ago

Rare sword found! In 0.55 update loot spawns are messed up. We found REALLY RARE sword from Berezino, under that trailer thing. But it still looks cool!

Is that even possible? :D

Santsa 4 years ago

Is that even possible? :D Died fucking 2 times while trying to get back in xD

Hey there! :D

Santsa 4 years ago

Hey there! :D Hey down there :D

How is this possible?

ZiD3 4 years ago

How is this possible? Things you see only in DayZ...