They Are Back

Roy Beer 4 years ago

They Are Back Paying the police station in Staroye a visit, I have quite an unfair encounter.

Sniper beside us

Roy Beer 4 years ago

Sniper beside us Mats and me are scouting Elektro when we suddenly flush out a sniper too close for comfort.

Flashlight Suicide

Roy Beer 3 years ago

Flashlight Suicide Shared on:

A Cold Welcome

Roy Beer 4 years ago

A Cold Welcome My friend Winniboy and me had no luck all day trying to find some gear, until we saw some movement on the prison island. The videos starts after about 1...

Lucky Holdup

Roy Beer 4 years ago

Lucky Holdup In this clip I lose a loaded gun while holding a guy up.

Hot Pursuit

Roy Beer 4 years ago

Hot Pursuit Visiting the air field with a truck is not always the best of ideas.

Truck Things

Roy Beer 4 years ago

Truck Things Trying to meet up with Domo I find my first truck! Sorry for the dark video! I have no idea why, but YouTube probably decided there was too much to be ...

Balota Prison

Roy Beer 4 years ago

Balota Prison Mats and me are always happy to meet new people. Unless they scare the wits out of us.