Dayz SA: Walk the Plank

lludan23 4 years ago

Dayz SA: Walk the Plank i told my freind to let me handcuff and burlap him, so i could take him around town. little did he know i was going to make him walk the fucking plank xD

A FEW FRIENDS OF MINE – DayZ Standalone EP. 6

Annexed 2 years ago

A FEW FRIENDS OF MINE – DayZ Standalone EP. 6 Let's pick up where we left off shall we? Over 1 year later and DayZ Standalone Episode 6 is finally upon us, let's make people remember who they're dea...


uncuepagamer 2 years ago

POISONED This story is one of my top DayZ moments. I will remember this years after this games death. Shortly into a journey, Colby and I stop for supplies in Se...

The DayZ Interview

Joseph Plays 2 years ago

The DayZ Interview Special tenk you to all those who helped and all the random people for the interviews.. Enjoy Sorry about the lag, I went recorded footage in all kinds...


Super Dan 2 years ago

GOOD MEN You can never truly trust people you meet in DayZ...;)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

DayZ 0.60: Lake Glubokoe Overview & CDF Final Stand!

SepticFalcon 3 years ago

DayZ 0.60: Lake Glubokoe Overview & CDF Final Stand! CHEAP GAME CODES: we visit Lake Glubokoe, ponder over its future as a potential base hotspot and talk a bit...

Joining 0.60

Paolo Galenik 3 years ago

Joining 0.60 Joining 0.60 DayZTV Facebook

Dayz 0.60 – Taking M4

Higher7Self 3 years ago

Dayz 0.60 – Taking M4 Met this young gentle and he was nice enough to give me his pistol, while he was holding his M4, im usually nice, but somebody had to do it...GG my friend.

Exploding Barrels! DayZ Standalone .59

Puppy Stomper 3 years ago

Exploding Barrels! DayZ Standalone .59 IED's in DayZ are such Fun.I will be uploading 3 videos a week, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1700 AEST, Keep a look out as this channel will soo...

DayZ real life

Paulmosin 3 years ago

DayZ real life Cartoomics 2016

The Weapons of Chernarus #13: LongHorn

Tatanko 3 years ago

The Weapons of Chernarus #13: LongHorn The thirteenth in a many-part series covering the different weapons found in DayZ Standalone.Many thanks to official forum user SGTHornet for assist...

Deadpool | Trailer [HD] | DayZ Standalone

Frost 3 years ago

Deadpool | Trailer [HD] | DayZ Standalone I hope you all enjoy the trailer! For more make sure to subscribe! Thanks for watching! ====================================================== Filmed &a...

Dayz: Raiding a Hacker’s Base

TheCombatClown 3 years ago

Dayz: Raiding a Hacker’s Base I found a hacker base.