Raiding Clan-bases

Jeppe ake 5 years ago

Raiding Clan-bases 17 hours prior to this we found the biggest clan on the server's base, they were not happy and took all their stuff back. It didn't take us long to find...

19 WDU Clan Promotion

19WDU 5 years ago

19 WDU Clan Promotion A promotion video I made for my clan, very new to making movies in DayZ, but I'm learning!

The Chernogorsk Showdown!

WarMachineEnt 5 years ago

The Chernogorsk Showdown! We run into another bandit group and shit goes down.

Nice CZ550 Sniping – Dayz Breaking Point

AyzerrTV 5 years ago

Nice CZ550 Sniping – Dayz Breaking Point I have been playing a lot of Breaking Point lately, I actually recorded a 2 hour live play session but Dxtory decided that my mic (which I had been usin...

Epic Helo Snipe

Basti1254 5 years ago

Epic Helo Snipe Today i got a cool clip me killing a Pilot while he was "flying" so i took the risk to get his chopper..I got lucky and not shot :D hope you like