Curb your dayz meme

DocterV93 8 months ago

Curb your dayz meme XDXDXD So here is the story this clan called the DIV on trumps wall pvp server used to have a hacker play with them so I changed my name and joined the ...

Fight Club Gone Wrong

DocterV93 2 years ago

Fight Club Gone Wrong Started off meeting some nice friendly guys and we decided to start a fight club, little did we know something bad was going to happen!

auto kick UNMG Clan Server

DocterV93 1 year ago

auto kick UNMG Clan Server This video is for the server provider and dayz security team. server IP- Auto kick for massive duper base.....

The Factory Bandits [Dayz StandAlone]

DocterV93 1 year ago

The Factory Bandits [Dayz StandAlone] A Three man squad camping the factory killing fresh spawns. Note the only way to kill the second guy was to ghost him i could not get a shot on him from...