Dim’s Bits: Episode 1

datguydim 4 years ago

Dim’s Bits: Episode 1 Destruction Derby! Introducing a new series of videos I'd like to call Dim's Bits. In this Episode, me and Deathsybe take out 5 armed men in 4 different...

Dim’s Bits Episode #2

datguydim 4 years ago

Dim’s Bits Episode #2 In this Episode, me and Death takeout 6 armed assailants new the town of Komarovo. Good. Firefight. Action.This clip is available at https://www.dayz...

True Survivor

datguydim 4 years ago

True Survivor True Survivor! If you like the clip, check out my twitch channel twitch.tv/dimopolousThis clip is available at https://www.dayztv.com As well!

Shootout at Kami!

datguydim 4 years ago

Shootout at Kami! Impromptu shootout at Kami! I take out a few, but fall to their numbers. GG though. twitch.tv/dimopolous This clip is available at https://www.dayztv.co...

MLG punchout!

datguydim 4 years ago

MLG punchout! Guy stole our gear, punched his ass out.

Driving Dilemma!

datguydim 4 years ago

Driving Dilemma! Driving up near Severograd, flipped the truck on it\'s side. Hilarity ensues.

Trolling some hacks…..hilarious. Part 1

datguydim 5 years ago

Trolling some hacks…..hilarious. Part 1 I troll some guys hard. Was just gonna go along until one guy said he'd probably kill me. I kill all but one in the ensuing shenanigans.