Purifying water is not a requirement. Its not like you will get something if you don’t. Only if that water source is contaminated. But if a cholera outbreak occurs, then you run the risk of contaminated water. 95% of the time players collecting water and drinking it untreated will be fine. It’s about tension, the “what might happen” even if its rare (source).

There is a rare chance you might get sick if an epidemic occurs, or if you don’t check your watersource is polluted etc… And if you do get sick, there’s no guarantee you’re going to die. But it is going to place decision making stressors on you which is the idea, and it’s well modelled in terms of authenticity of dealing with disaster situations (source).

Some things currently implemented:

  • You can fill water bottles in bodies of water, by placing the bottles in your hand and looking at a fresh water surface
  • If you go into water, your clothes will get wet. This can cause you to get hypothermia or suffer other cold-related effects. You will then need to dry the clothes, such as by being near a fire or by just waiting for them to dry. If you are not swimming, just your boots and pants get wet. If you are swimming, all items get wet.


Some things that are planned/in discussion:

  • Swimming being developed similar to A3. But realize A3 is using DX11 and DZ is not – so some magic is required.
  • Cleaning items is being considered, but is unlikely due to seeming to be unnecessarily complex without any real benefits to gameplay.
  • Fishing is planned but nothing has been done yet
  • Filling salt water into bottles for nefarious purposes and “player freedom to choose the bad way”, is being considered (source).