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May 20, 2013
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Update : Rocket answer reddit questions

DayZ Standalone Alpha Early Access has been released! Get Dayz Standalone News

Based on multiple Interviews, Devblog videos, discussions with the community (reddit, forum etc..) here is a list of every features confirmed in Dayz Standalone for now :


  • All buildings enterable (confirmed)
  • Develop the northern portion of the map (confirmed)
  • Balance the “attractions” across the map (confirmed based on Rocket’s statements)
  • Sewer system under a few a few of the major Towns (discussed by Rocket, nothing concrete)
  • Additional ways to store items (Inventory system)
  • Edible berries and mushrooms of which some are poisonous (discussed, possibly confirmed)
  • Extreme weather and conditions (M.L has discussed the weather system being ported from TOH)
  • New buildings (police stations, malls, amusements parks, hardware stores, mechanics garages, military surplus stores, clothing stores, prison, small med clinics for small towns, etc)
    (Rocket has spoke on some of these, prison confirmed)
  • Functional windows (can’t be done until a new map, would have to redo all textures)
  • Grass at farther distances away….essentially better character concealment from far away players.
    (Rocket has mentioned looking into it, nothing concrete)
  • More animals (Deers, rats confirmed)
  • Customizable houses. ie barricade windows with planks (Rocket has mentioned this, not confirmed)
  • More islands (Utes has been added)
  • Some form of painting/marking the world (Rocket is worried about vulgar markings)
  • Seasons (Matt Lightfoot has stated that to be done properly, season will need a new map)



  • Better group mechanics (some form of teaming up) (Being discussed, nothing notable yet)
  • Wearing common clothing will help spot teammates better
    (Rocket has mentioned “clan tatoos” and other forms of identification)



  • Horses (Rocket loves the idea, but very hard to animate)
  • Cannibalization of parts (confirmed)
  • Helicopters MUCH harder to fly/maintain
    (Rocket has mentioned taking the mechanics from TOH essentialy making it much more difficult to fly)



  • Chainsaws (Rocket has damn near confirmed, not working on it yet though)
  • Quivers (confirmed)
  • Punching (confirmed)
  • Pushing (been discussed, not quite a confirmation)
  • Bows (discussed, wants it, but has massive technical challenges)
  • High grade weapons much more rare (pretty sure confirmed by Rocket)
  • Various weapon conditions (confirmed)
  • Hunting knife as weapon (confirmed)
  • Tasers (confirmed I think)
  • Non-lethal ways of-incapacitating players (confirmed)
  • Cleaning kits (confirmed)
  • More diverse civilian guns (confirmed)
  • Clip/Mag combining (confirmed)



(most of these items are loosely confirmed, this is pretty much his list that they’re working on)

  • Bayonette
  • Flashlight
  • Laser pointer/IR Pointer
  • Stock Cartidge/Magazine Holder
  • Underslung Grenade Launcher
  • Beanbag Underslung – Non lethal
  • Tactical forearms (For multiple attachments)
  • Foregrips
  • Scopes (4x,8x,12x, Acog, SUSAT, Red Dot etc.)
  • Silencers
  • Muzzle/Flash Surpressors
  • Support mounts/Bipods etc.
  • Straps/Holsters/Slings
  • Ammunition types
  • Different mag types
  • Some form of cammoing your weapon
  • Tape as make-shift adhesive for items
  • Cleaning kits
  • Longer/Shorter barrels
  • NVG scopes



  • Survivors will NEVER become zeds, this is an anti-idea (confirmed by Rocket)
  • Massive hordes of zombies wandering aimlessly
    (Rocket has mentioned working towards this, no confirmation however)
  • Better animations (confirmed)



  • More emphasis on the hunting aspect rather than the looting of a market
    (Rocket has stated that he is personally doing this portion, the hunting stuff at least)
  • Water better for your health/character than sodas (which comes with the risks of disease)
    (totally new health system which tracks what you eat/drink confirmed)



  • When knocked unconscious, your screen goes black w/ muffled sounds
    (Rocket has mentioned looking into this and that it’s added to his “list”)
  • NO side chat unless you have a radio and you’re on a freq people are talking
    (Rocket said this is changing based on the new radio features)
  • Add noise to the opening of a backpack (Stated that he likes it, not confirmed though)
  • HUD Colorblind mode (Rocket has stated that it is on the table and will be implemented)
  • Make the weapon lowered by default (Confirmed @ PAX, still a WIP though)
  • Better inventory system (confirmed)
  • No 1st person (not OP’s suggestion!)’ (Rocket has confirmed that both POV’s will stay)
  • No 3rd person (Rocket has confirmed that both POV’s will stay)
  • Add a use key, “E” opens a door….no more scrolling system
    (Rocket has stated that they haven’t decided on this function yet, leaving it open)



  • Headlamps, can actually be attached to points in the world (confirmed)
  • Generators for nighttime lighting that must be powered by flatbed gasoline trucks (towed flatbeds?) (Discussed by Rocket)



  • Shortwave radio system with multiple channels (confirmed)
  • Varied maps (from military high grade maps to civilian tourist maps)
    (Rocket has stated that they aim to do something with maps no one has seen before, so he’s leaving it hush hush for now)
  • Varied watches/compasses (high grade military combine both in one) (digital & analog variants… need AM & PM) (confirmed, Rocket has mentioned creating many variants)
  • Pens/Pencils (confirmed)
  • Portable Cookers (confirmed I think)
  • Can Openers (confirmed)
  • In-game mini games (Rocket has discussed this and would like to do something, not confirmed)
  • Diary system (confirmed)
  • Spray paint (Rocket is worried about  how long it takes until players do vulgar things)
  • Batteries (confirmed)
  • Various NVG’s; from simple civilian to amazing military
    (NVG’s at least confirmed, not sure on variants)



  • A survivor “background”…..not every person on the planet knows how to change an engine or fly a heli (has thought about it, nothing concrete here)
  • Strip dead survivors of their clothing
    (pretty sure this is confirmed, he’s mentioned getting diseases from it)
  • Fishing (Rocket has discussed, nothing confirmed)
  • Male beards (that grow with in-game time) (Possibly confirmed)
  • Persistent injuries and scarring (Mentioned, nothing confirmed)
  • Vaulting while running (confirmed and on the a vidblog)
  • Key binding options on the #’s. So I could assign #1 as bandaging and #2 as eating….and so on (confirmed @ PAX)
  • Games to play during downtime (Discussed, nothing confirmed)
  • Communications channel – Shout (has acknowledged, not confirmed)
  • Communications channel – Whisper (has acknowledged, not confirmed)
  • Cannibalism (Rocket said it will probably be in there, eventually)
  • Trading System (being looked at
  • Player tracking
    (“confirmed”….players leave can, some sort of “finger print system” in the future)
  • Dog companions (confirmed)
  • Autorun (for the love of everything please confirm this Rocket)
  • See breathing when cold out (confirmed, not in initially release though)



  • Various masks to hide your face (confirmed)
  • Various speeds based on shoe type (no shoes you’ll run slower)
    (Rocket has stated that shoes will have a major role, so well see)
  • Clothing that protects from environment (think weather/disease) and player items (think flash bang/gas grenade) (confirmed to an extent)
  • If shaded visor/glasses are worn, you actual screen is tinted and protects from inclements/player items (has discussed, haven’t quite seen a confirmation)
  • Gasmasks (confirmed)
  • Crafting (confirmed)
  • Ballistic vests and helmets (confirmed)
  • Hats types (boonie hats, regular ball cap, top hat, cowboy hat, beanie/skull caps, Russian hats w/ ear covers, fedora, etc) (some confirmed)
  • Leg types (jeans, leather pants, khakis, shorts, cargo pants, camouflaged pants, motorcycle pants, etc) (some confirmed)
  • Torso types (rain gear, camouflaged, t-shirt, long sleeve button up, polo, hoodies, cold weather pants, etc) (some confirmed)



  • Vomiting (possibly confirmed, Rocket has discussed)
  • Pooping (confirmed)
  • Waving (confirmed in vidblog)



  • Remove spawn locations
    (Rocket has stated that keeping coastal spawn is ideal to give a reputation to northern areas)
  • Increased sound range for guns
    (Rocket has stated that sounds are “easy to do” but will be hit up after initial release, getting big stuff out of way)
  • Less ammo (Rocket has discussed)
  • Vehicles more common, but gas hard to come by (Rocket “I like it”)



  • Generators (large and small) for night time lighting
    (Rocket has discussed and looked into it; this article was/is his inspiration)
  • Radio towers allowing people to broadcast messages to other towers (Radios confirmed)
  • Base construction (above & below ground)
    (Below ground confirmed for future, above ground discussed only as boarding windows and such)
  • Portions of the map that crossover onto other maps/servers (different “worlds”)
    (Rocket has stated that would be desirable in the future)



  • Splints (confirmed)
  • Defibrillator (confirmed @ PAX)
  • Improved health system (confirmed by Rocket)


All credits go to the reddit user : DrBigMoney for his the HUGE work of information gathering.


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