Public Hive Servers

Both FragNet and GameServers are renting DayZ servers.

DayZ FragNet
Change Server Name
Messages on Connection
Control Player Limit
BEC Logs (Connection, Kills etc…)
Choose the region
Kick Players
Setup Fees
TeamSpeak (25 slots)
Server Locations

Private Shard Servers

For the moment, only Fragnet rent private shards servers. They are charging €2.9/slot for master private shard & €1.93/slot for a slave one.

Private Shard
Lock Server
BEC Logs
Additional Slave Shard
Change the server name.
Have a Message of the Day.
Control the player limit (within min/max allowed)
Choose the region
Kick players

There are also many games servers available. Including: Arma 3 Server, Minecraft Server, BF4 Server, ARK server or Conan Exile Server

Confirmed: DayZ Server Files will be Released & Public

Difference between Private Hive & Private Shard

Private Hives and Private Shards are different things (although similar):

– A private hive uses the servers own private database not managed by the devs, so a server admin can do whatever they want with the database. This is what we had in the mod and why admins could spawn in loot, change loot tables, see player locations etc as all that information is in the database which they controlled.

– A private shard operates on a separate shard of the central database (run by the devs), this allows communities to have their own private servers without it affecting the main hive and without giving server owners direct access to the database. The system is also flexible enough so that a group of servers could run on this shard of the hive too (or just one single server).

This gives the best of both having a database and having a private community, without those private communities affecting the main database. Players would only be able to jump between servers on that private shard and as such admins will be able to enforce their own rulesets and have a few more options available to them like being able to lock the server, implement whitelists, ban players etc.

Private Shards & Main Hive Control

The architecture supporting private hives has existed for a long time. Hardcore/Normal both operate on their own “walled garden” within the main central server. However developers have not enabled them yet until they sort out how to manage them.

Also private hives will still be maintained within the main central server so access will be much more limited than with the mod, at least initially.(source)

Recently Dean Hall confirmed that private hives and passworded servers will be possible “as soon as possible”. Also server binaries will not be available, at least for the moment. There are good chances that private hive/lockable servers will be available as an option for official servers resellers. (source)

Dayz Standalone Public/Private Hive Infos

The private hive feature is not quite that simple, Dayz Standalone use HTTPS to send central hive messages to a specially designed central server application that then connects to various databases. The mod used SQL. While it would be possible to build your own private hive, it will be substantially harder to do so than in the mod (until we release such tools). Furthermore, to compete with the “public” hive they would have to invest at least as much effort/money as we have (source).

The development team is still undecided about hive use. There is probably no point and it might get in the way of gameplay when switching between people playing (source). Private servers that connect to the central hive will be expressely allowed on release, using a blacklist system. That means servers will be automatically approved and only blacklisted if somethng goes wrong. This is mainly to be allowed for our alpha, in beta and release Dean will review the situation and possibly allow private hives themselves (source).

The problem is :

  • It’s constantly changing (major work to push out constant updates to the database).
  • It requires specific configurations
  • Performance will be directly affected by the configuration, hardware, management of the central server. Could see poor perceptions of the product and bug reports based off this.
  • And many more issues. It’s just not possible at this stage (source).

General Servers Specifications

  • Huge game server providers only. To be eligible, need to provide 300×50-player public instances for 60 days out of own pocket.
  • One public instance per every three rented out.
  • Max of 7×50 player servers on a Xeon E3-1230 (3.2Ghz) Quadcore with 8GB RAM. (In comparison, we don’t like running more than three instances on a Quadcore due to ArmA2 sucking all the juice out of the system…)

Dayz mod uses a dll injected into the A2 server executable, to communicate with a central server via SQL. On the other hand, the Standalone uses a redeveloped dayz executable with reduced data to communicate with a central server via HTTPS (source). The server files will be released to all upon launch. It is much easier to setup a dayz SA server. However, Dayz Standalone will no longer use gamespy – which means server owner must setup firewall and NAT negotiation manually for the server (a trivial step for those who actually use servers) (source).

Remember that for Arma and Dayz mod in particular, many things are done on the client. In Dayz Standalone they have moved nearly everything to the server. This smoothes out the FPS so it runs more in line with how your client runs with just the blank map now (source).