Appears the message isn’t getting through well. After careful consideration and analysis, player restraint will involve the player not being able to move. Any movement key the restrained player presses will result in their character beginning to try and break free from the restraints. Player who is restrained cannot move until they struggle out of their restraints. Different restraints take different times. You can see someone struggling out of their restraints. You can struggle free of the restraints, given a little time. But anyone looking closely will be able to see you doing this.

After a length of time, you will break free of the restraints. Different restraints carry different times (handcuffs the longest). So there’s no way to tie someone up forever. Disconnecting while restrained is considered abandoning that character, and the are lost to you for all time (source).

If it ends up being a gamebreaker (which Dean doubt, the play testing of the restrain + struggle was worked out instantly by those unfamiliar with the game) then the development team could remove the player restraint system (source).