July, 03rd: 0.47 Patch is announced! Ragdoll & x64 Architecture confirmed. More info

  • Bullet SDK physics is already in game. That allows players to throw items and such.
  • Ragdoll relates to characters. There is no “ragdoll vehicles”, so anyone suggesting that implementation of ragdoll has use/impact on vehicles is mistaken.
  • ArmA3 and DayZ do not use the same Physics SDK, so you should not expect that anything available in one is available in the other.
  • Ragdoll will be applied for death animations initially. Once that is working, other options will be explored. Already in discussion: dragging, melee hits, falling, and unconsciousness as the current areas we might use ragdoll.
  • This will be applied to all entities, which includes zombies, players, and animals. All objects are also covered by the Bullet SDK through throwing mechanics.
  • The implementation of ragdoll has nothing to do with navmeshes, zombie AI.
  • The Ragdoll implementation is a subset of the Bullet SDK implementation. It has involved challenging work to map the skeleton used in DayZ (which is very different from the skeleton used in ArmA, ArmA2, and ArmA3) to the bullet SDK and achieve results.
  • No synchronization is done in the current build. I.e. each client comes to their own ragdoll conclusion. This is going to be worked on, however Dean is not overly concerned about it so the team pushed the programming team to go. He did this because he’s aware of many games which currently perform little or no ragdoll body synchronization and it’s okay. It will mean that sometimes clients record bodies falling in different positions.


March 28, 2014: Ragdoll at Rezzed Presentation

dayz-rezzed-2014-ragdoll-road-mapThe Dean Hall’s Road Map presentation at the EGX Rezzed 2014 gave some informations on the upcoming ragdoll system.

  • Nearly functionally complete
  • Based on “Bullet” physics lib
  • Includes falling characters
  • The future:
  • Dragging unconcious/bodies
  • Blended body injuries

Going Further

The team hope to add a drag mechanic to restrained players, possibly when they do ragdoll (source). When the team reviews what to do what ragdoll, they will have to consider all these options. Certainly, Dean doesn’t want to delay the release of the alpha just for ragdoll (source). To really fix this they would need to either purchase Euphoria (like GTA uses), or do some radical changes. They are doing radical changes to the following, but it takes a long time:

Create a new entire base skeleton. The existing skeleton is ten years old. And it makes animating and skinning the model difficult, limiting what animators and artists can do. Don’t expect this new skeleton to be in the standalone on initial release but in the second half of the year mostly likely.

Create entirely new animations. More of a band-aid fix and can cause other problems. The development team is focused far more on removing transitions and allowing fast reaction to controls than on precision in the animations (source).

Implementing new physics middleware by the name of Bullet Physics SDK, which will eventually allow for realistic ragdoll and for items to fall and even roll on the ground.

Dayz Physics Engine Showcase