Pax Prime 2014: Dean Hall Statement on Modding

This is one of the hottest topic concerning the future of the DayZ Standalone. Will it be possible to create custom mods & maps on the DayZ game?

Currently, modding & mapping are not supported on the Alpha release. The game can’t support it until the core architecture is locked down and hacking/security has been solved to an acceptable level. Later, once the team has confirmed effective results, then they really want to look at modding, as it is such a huge part of the DayZmod success. what they also want to do is look for ways to involve the community modders in the actual development of the standalone, as an interim (source).

It has also been confirmed that in the full game release, DayZ will use the “Steam workshop” as base for the modding community. It is actually a very good news, because the tools & integration provided by Steam are stable and enhanced.

There is still one problem remaining: all the buildings were designed without this in mind, to make it so you could climb through a window they would have to reposition the window which would involve a lot of texture work, unwrapping changes and all that kind of stuff. That would be the kind of thing they would look at in a new world. There is no doubt we will see new worlds.

Rocket said “I would like to see a world with a large city in the middle of it surrounded by woods and mountains with natural barriers to it and it would be a western city, that to me is the next Dayz map I would like to see, but I also want to see some community maps ported over for the early DayZ as well.” (source)