Shared by Beav on January 11, 2017

This is quite a long video so I have added timestamps below for different sections.

Looting in DayZ has changed a lot in the last year and continues to be improved and iterated.

Here I discuss the current positives and negatives and other aspects to potentially improve the looting systems in game.


1. Current Positives –

2. Current Issues –

3. Military Loot Issues –

4. Building Loot –

5. Dynamic Spawns –

6. New Loot Concept –

Video Geolocation


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    I feel that your loot concept sounds great but i feel the Devs will let the modding and mapping community take that one , i have bounced to server after server gone to several places for loot and found nothing , trash loot or junk loot would be a god send on the server i play most on i have a few camps here and there , for what i might need to survive im not big on killing someone to gear up i offer food and supplies and help fresh spawns , dynamic spawns such as the heli’s flying over would bring the map alive with all kinds of possibilities the ambulance idea sounds geat as well . great vid keep up the good work