Killing of sight: Someone shoots you instantly when they see you. Tying someone up, taking their stuff, and beating them to death with a can of beans is not killing on sight, it’s killing for fun.

Dean hall believes that a significant amount of players quickly get bored. Still more players simply don’t want to risk a dangerous encounter. These people would rather save ammunition and the degradation of their melee weapons than beat someone to death that is already bound with rope etc… Not to mention the danger of attracting other players/zombies beating someone to death.

They never said it would solve “KoS” mentality, nor would they want that. Killing other players is part of the situation and a large part of the tension of the game. Dean Hall said:  “I think this will change some players approach to how they play the game. Are you still going to get killed by other players? Yes, you are. Are you going to get killed on sight, maybe less.” (source)

“Fair enough. What I’m saying is we can’t run around like excited squirrels and say “we should have HONEY BEE’S!” when it comes to changes trying to elicit player response. We can’t directly effect the way players play, without affecting the whole premise of player freedom.” (source)

The vast majority of banditry and killing comes as a result of the game/mod being relatively boring after a period of time. The mods of the mod have done the best they could to alleviate this by adding “things to do”, in the forms of building bases and crafting and base building.

But Rocket believes that they have to get the foundation right, and that means setting the economy up with a sense of authenticity, and one that provides the rewards for “behaving like a person who wants to live”. This is certainly not about penalizing the players who are bandits, its about reinforcing player behavior that makes for authentic reactions. “I want my character to live, so fuck everyone else” rather than just “fuck everyone else”. This isn’t going to stop people shooting on sight. But if you shoot on sight now, you’re going to get less rewards than someone who doesn’t. So from that, the development team just hope darwin was right (source).