The humanity system is on pause until the alpha is finished. So the game is fundamentally changed in so many ways, going right back to basics, that Dean wants to see how the players play it before they fool around with a lot of this stuff. Like, there’s a lot of new stuff like now you can play gestures using the function keys and in fact the F7… F8 to F12 is reserved for facial gestures, so the development team wants to see what this entails and how player behavior changes.

A lot of data will be gathered in the database while people are playing, and then they’ll use that and look at it. Dean personally thinks humanity needs to be a lot more subtle than it is now. And hopefully also with the introduction of this new antagonist—which is the environment, effectively, and your health— he thinks there’s going to be a lot more reasons for people to interact. Not necessarily positively interact! But certainly neutrally (source).