Very Short-term (Q1)

Respawning Loot Prototype (work in progress):

  • World divided into quadrants
  • Quad resets when empty X time
  • Includes resetting doors
  • Door state randomly set on world start

Accelerated Time (in experimental):

  • Removed as part of lag / desync fix
  • Comfigurable by servers admins
  • Up to 64x faster day / night cycle
  • Rules for Hardcore t.b.d.

Throwable Items (in experimental):

  • Everything that can be held in hand
  • Different materials react differently
  • Uses “Bullet” physics SDk
  • Calculated on server

Player Controls (partly implemented):

  • Mouse Acceleration issues
  • Dexterity
  • Freelook
  • Physics based movement
  • Jumping considered

Short-term (Q2)

Ragdoll (work in progress):

  • Nearly functionally complete
  • Based on “Bullet” physics lib
  • Includes falling characters
  • Dragging unconscious / bodies
  • Blended body injuries

New AI pathfinding (completed, will be in experimental soon):

  • Animals and Zombies
  • Techniques
  • Voxelization
  • Walkable polygons
  • Navmesh optimization
  • Object Avoidance
  • First iteration nearly complete
  • handles interiors, small objects

64-bit (completed, will be in experimantal soon):

  • Compiling!
  • Server can use more memory
  • Helps with
  • Physics integration
  • Vehicle physics
  • New zombie AI
  • Possibly much more

Prototype Animals (in experimental):

  • Prototype implementation
  • Allow player “hunting”
  • 6 new animal types
  • Starting from scratch
  • Wandering

Persistent Objects (working in progress):

  • All objects or just some?
  • Save state of everything
  • Decide which to permanently use

Advanced Weather Effects (working in progress):

  • Snow and fog
  • Weather will affect player
  • Ballistics affected by weather

World Containers (working in progress):

  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Cupboards

Medium-term (Q3)

Multi-thread / Multi-core (working in progress):

  • Multiple threads on Multiple cores
  • More zombies… (5 to 10 times more than now)
  • More players…
  • More animals…
  • Probably more server focused
  • New game engine (“Infusion”)

Advanced Animals (working in progress):

  • Hostile animals
  • Neutral animals
  • Companion animals

New Zombie Behaviour (working in progress):

  • More responsive
  • Redeveloped “agro” system
  • More benefits to stealth

Central Loot Economy:

  • Control loot numbers centrally
  • Set for all servers per hive

Barricading (working in progress):

  • Physics based construction
  • Mainly focused on existing buildings.

Basic Vehicles (working in progress):

  • Small Vehicles
  • Bicycle / Motorcycles / ATV
  • Possibly includes small car
  • Customizable / Configurable-like weapons
  • Physics based (“bullet” Physics SDK )

Modding Support (working in progress):

  • Probably tied with private hives
  • Full support for mods
  • Steam Workshop integration

Player Statistics (completed, but game is too buggy to release it):

  • Steam Achievements
  • Database interaction API for developers

Horticulture (working in progress):

  • Growing plants
  • Persistent to server
  • Prototype to come earlier

Long-term (Q4/Qx)

Advanced Vehicles (working in progress):

  • Cars / Trucks / Planes / Helicopters / Boats
  • Upgradable components
  • Similar approach as weapon attachments

Extended barricading (working in progress):

  • Existing barricading to full construction
  • Allows players to create new structures
  • Persistent to that server

Advanced Social Mechanics (working in progress):

  • Faction identification methods
  • Spawn systems tied to controlled locations
  • Better UI support for trading.